With over 6,500 different dog bed options, is one of the internet's largest sources of dog beds. If you can't find it there you likely won't find it anywhere.

Co-founded after seeing that many of the internet's dog bed superstores offered a subpar shopping experience from overall site design to picture quality.

Site design is emphasized with a clean, simplified UX with the goal of not overwhelming the customer with such a large selection. Since the target market can range anywhere from someone in their teens to those in their golden years simple navigation was a must. I hand coded and designed every aspect of

Big, bold pictures that really show off the product were a must. When spending sometimes 100s on a bed, the customer wants to know exactly what they are getting, especially from swatch images, which were handcrafted for this site.

To put a twist on typical recommendation engines that rarely get used in the dog bed category, a unique review/discussion system was implemented throughout the site.