Indestructible Dog

A dog store that only sells the toughest, most indestructible dog toys (and other stuff). Everything is tested by a bunch of crazy dogs and guaranteed tough. Bark!

Co-founded Indestructible Dog after constantly hearing people say "My dog chews through everything!" Built the brand from the ground up with the idea of being a true source where every product is tested to the core and backed by a ridiculously awesome guarantee.

After researching competitor's shopping experiences, a huge focus was put on making a clean, modern design that puts the emphasis on products with rich, vibrant (and big) photos.

All photos we're produced by myself, again with the focus creating rich photos but also embodying the Indestructible Dog brand.

Indestructible Dog's fun, quirky brand is used throughout all marketing collateral. Shown are a few email marketing campaigns.

Indestructible Dog TV was introduced to entertain, educate and engage the customer. Results have consistently showed that IDtv improves conversions.